“The path toward your desired outcomes is a path of transformation to becoming the person who can get those results”.
My "skins"
Professional Trainer
Life Coach and Corporate Coach
Neuro-Linguist Coach and Acting
Entrepreneur and Public Speaker
Two decades of experience in the fields of training, performance and management in Italy and abroad. I have trained thousands of professionals in the areas of self-efficacy, communication and leadership development. My CV full of titles is best summed up by these four sentences that I keep hearing repeated from those who have worked with me:

“Competent and highly professional”
“Authentic, with an unconventional approach”
“Her questions and empathy reach deep”
“She always leaves you with practical tools”
Experience studying and working abroad
Experience as multidisciplinary trainer
International Companies that relied on my servises
Individuals who benefited from the FAB Method
  • My Guiding Values
    Authenticity and Empathy
    To provide an effective and personalized approach
    To help become the person who can achieve the desired results
    Determination and Action
    To materialize results despite hesitation and obstacles
    Practice and Continuity
    Pillars of a progressive and tangible development over time
    Internationality and Innovation
    Synergistic principles for growth, to embrace new perspectives and strategies
    A space for sharing, inspiration, and support
What is "Coaching"?
Here is one of my favourite definition
Coaching is a powerful technique that I love to use, along with others, in my work with individuals and companies. An elicitation technique, i.e. the use of questions capable of stimulating action and new perspectives. To explain this approach I like to use this metaphor:
Imagine you are an IKEA piece of furniture disassembled and closed in its box.
There are all the necessary pieces… for once!

You are ready to go, but you are stuck somewhere in the assembly.
Some things are more intuitive and easier, others require guidance.
The instruction sheet is attached outside.
The coach is the one who can guide you in a more effective and faster process.
In fact, you do the work, you have all the resources.
The coach guides you, sheds light and challenges you to think outside the box !
"I believe in emancipation from the STATUS QUO and that everything is possible by taking responsibility for one's results and the necessary transformation."
What people say about my method and programs
Training agencies, government departments, small and large organisations and individuals have used my programs. The F.A.B. Method turned out to be an incredibly thought-provoking, transformative and very practical approach for both teams and individuals.

My passions and the words that best describe me …
I have supported companies and managers of these incredible companies…
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